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About Us

About Us

At Harvest Gourmet, we aim to inspire everyone with the spirit of trying something different. That’s why we have developed the Incredible Burger – a meat-free burger made from plant protein! Our name Harvest Gourmet refers to the freshness of garden-grown plants and the international standard word for taste.


The name might be new, but the roots of Harvest Gourmet go back some 30 years. Our food expertise and meat-free mission started in Israel, where, inspired by Middle-Eastern cookery, we embraced the regional Levantine cuisine to create our first meat-free foods. We followed this in 1989 by sharing our meat-free delicacies with Europe and have played an important role in the development of the meat-free market ever since. All while remaining true to our goal to prepare authentic, tasty food and help put veggies at the heart of everyone’s menu.


As a result of the growing Flexitarian trend, and the call for a transition from animal to plant based protein, the demand for meat alternatives is growing every day. Our ambition is to revolutionise the meat-free category by bringing excitement to the world of plant-based food, with no compromise on flavour! We want to make exploring this new Flexitarian lifestyle worthwhile. So join us on our journey, and discover INCREDIBLE!