About Harvest Gourmet

What’s the story behind the Harvest Gourmet brand?

The name might be new, but the roots of Harvest Gourmet go back some 30 years. Our food expertise and meat-free mission started in Israel, where, inspired by Middle-Eastern cookery, we embraced the regional Levantine cuisine to create our first meat-free foods. We followed this in 1989 by sharing our meat-free delicacies with Europe and have played an important role in the development of the meat-free market ever since. All while remaining true to our goal to prepare authentic, tasty food and help put veggies at the heart of everyone’s menu.

Are Harvest Gourmet products suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

Harvest Gourmet products are suitable for vegetarians, and some of our products are suitable for vegans. Please note, our vegan products are made on the same line that sometimes processes egg or egg-based products. As such, our vegan products may contain traces of egg as an allergen causing substance - don't worry though, because they do not contain egg as an ingredient. On the other hand, some of our vegetarian products do contain egg and this is stated in the ingredients list. You can check which products are vegan or vegetarian on the front of pack!

What does "Made from ingredients you know" mean?

"Made from ingredients you know" means that we aim to use mostly "kitchen cupboard" ingredients in our products. We want to help make cooking plant based meals simple and strive to include positive ingredients, like protein from soy & wheat, fruit and vegetable concentrates as well as healthy oils like sunflower and canola.

Are Harvest Gourmet products pre-cooked?

Almost all of our Harvest Gourmet products are pre-cooked, except for our SENSATIONAL range which includes the Harvest Gourmet SENSATIONAL Burger and Harvest Gourmet SENSATIONAL Mince!

Are there any GMOs in Harvest Gourmet products?

There are no GMOs used in Harvest Gourmet products.

Are Harvest Gourmet products lactose free?

Yes! Harvest Gourmet products contain no lactose.

Why does Harvest Gourmet use egg in their products?

At Harvest Gourmet, we aim to develop products that are made from ingredients you know. Some of our vegetarian products contain eggs to help bind the ingredients together. We are continually improving our product recipes and strive to create products with well-known ingredients that are plant based to help you incorporate more meat-free meals into your diet!

Do Harvest Gourmet products contain preservatives?

A big no! Harvest Gourmet products contain no artificial preservatives.

What oil is used in Harvest Gourmet products?

Harvest Gourmet products contain either one or a combination of sunflower oil, coconut oil or canola oil. Sunflower and canola oil have a high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Are Harvest Gourmet products gluten-free?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely separate gluten-free and gluten-containing ingredients. All Harvest Gourmet products may contain traces of gluten and are not suitable for people who are coeliac. Look out for the ingredients list on the back of each pack to check!

Where can I buy Harvest Gourmet products?

Our Harvest Gourmet range is also available in select Independents stores.

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