One pot Sensational Lasagna

One Pot Sensational™ Lasagna

4 servings
30 MIN


2 packs Harvest Gourmet Sensational™ Mince
1 white onion
1 tbsp Italian Herbs
2 cloves garlic
300 g cubed carrots
125 g mushrooms
10 sheets of dry lasagna
Parmesan cheese
2 cans of diced tomatoes
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Soften the onion in the pan together with the italian herbs for a 2-3 minutes.

Add the Harvest Gourmet Sensational™ Mince and garlic until cooked through.

Add the carrots and mushrooms and continue to cook for 3-4 minutes.

Add diced tomatoes, water and lasagna sheets and simmer for 30 minutes. The lasagna is ready when the lasagna sheets are cooked through.

Serve immediately and top with parmesan cheese and fresh basil.

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