Sensational Sausage Rolls

Sensational™ Sausage Rolls

4 servings
40 MIN


2 packets Sensational™ Mince
1 medium onion (150g), chopped finely
2 Celery Stalks
2 tsp Tomato Sauce
2 tsp Worcestershire Sauce
2 tsp BBQ Sauce
2 tbsp Parsley, Chopped
2 sheets Frozen Puff Pastry, Partially Thawed
1 Egg, Beaten
2 tsp Sesame Seeds
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Preheat oven to 200˚C (180˚C fan-forced)

Heat a medium frying pan with oil; add onion, celery and cook for 2 minutes until soft. Reserve

In a medium mixing bowl add; Sensation Mince, tomato sauce, worcestershire sauce, BBQ sauce, parsley, cooked onion and celery. Mix well.

Unroll the pastry onto a board and cut in half lengthways. Divide the mixture in 4 and spread along the length of each pastry strip in a cylinder shape, leaving a 1cm edge.

Tightly roll the pastry around the mixture and brush the ends with the beaten egg to secure. Cut each roll into 5 pieces with a sharp knife and arrange on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Repeat with remaining mixture and pastry.

Brush beaten egg all over the pastry and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Cook for 25-30 minutes until the pastry is puffed and crisp and the mixture has cooked through.

Nutritional Information
Typical values
Per Serving
293.2 Kilocalories
21.6 Grams
19 Grams
13.3 Grams